How to get an agent to do your bidding for your real estate deals

I recently went out to an agent for a new home that was scheduled for completion and I was excited about the house.

I had a great idea and wanted to show my friend what I had.

I was told it would take 3 weeks to build the house and would be $500,000 in price.

I thought that was fantastic.

However, my friend had a better idea.

I would like to buy the house for $1 million.

She wanted $1.5 million, and she had already bought out the land that we had bought.

So, I asked, how much do you want for the house?

She said, $1,500,001.

So I said, wow, you are crazy!

I would never sell a home for $5 million!

So, my first instinct was to buy it.

The agent said she was not going to sell it for $500 million because she has a history of being in overdrive with her deals.

So we discussed options and we decided we would wait for the buyer to get back.

That’s when I learned I was dealing with a real estate agent.

I don’t know if it was her intention to be deceptive, or just naive, but she sold the property for $4.5 billion and then got paid off.

I think she made a mistake.

Real estate agents are not like professional house hunters, they have a lot of time on their hands.

And, if they are selling a home, they are going to go on their first big sale and the last sale they make is going to be a record for them.

Real Estate agents can be ruthless and don’t always realize that a buyer will be more than happy to pay $1 for the property.

This is one reason why I recommend you get an independent agent, rather than a realtor.

Read more real estate agents need to be honest about their fees and their commission.

Here’s a list of the top five things to look out for: Do you want to sell a house?

A home is not an investment.

It’s not a property you can just grab and start selling.

You need to know what you’re paying for.

Do you need a house that’s going to stay in your family?

A family can buy a house for more than the value of the home, so if you want the family to buy a home they have to pay a lot.

What is the current market value of your property?

This is a key factor in buying a house.

The market value is determined by what’s available on the market.

Are there many listings in the area?

Yes, but only in a limited number of areas.

Is there a need for a large number of new listings?


Are you a realtors agent?

Yes and no.

Are they going to make your price and commission look good?


Are the agents going to take your word for it and do a good job?

Yes to the point where they are making you a little money?


If you don’t understand your agent’s fees and commission, don’t buy them.

Read the article: 10 things to know before you buy your next home How to tell if a real-estate agent is a real property broker Real estate brokers are very different than real estate salesmen.

They are real estate dealers who are selling property in an area.

They sell a certain number of homes for a certain price per square foot.

If they have lots of listings, the house is going in.

They will also sell lots of homes that are vacant and have no future potential buyers.

A real estate broker is not a real land agent.

He or she is not going out to find buyers and sell houses.

A property is sold to a real agent or real estate manager, who is the actual buyer of the property, usually a broker.

There are different types of real estate brokers, some of which specialize in real estate and some are real-tourism agencies.

They specialize in a particular type of property.

For example, an agent who specializes in homes for rental might be a real broker for a hotel, but they may also be selling vacation homes for vacation rentals.

The buyer can see who is selling properties, but not what is going on with the sale.

What do you look for in a real real estate sale?

A real real-tor, or real-agent, is a person who is involved in the sales process.

They want to be compensated for their work and they want to make sure the seller is getting what he or she wants.

The broker is the buyer, and they work to make the sale as close as possible.

Do real-traders know what they’re doing?

They are not a salesperson.

They’re a buyer and a realist.

They know what the property is worth.

Do they know the history of the properties?

They know their history and they’re looking

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