Why I don’t own a home, and why I’d like to move out

In this interview with Newsweek, the owner of a luxury home in South Bend, Indiana, shares why she doesn’t own one.

“It’s so frustrating,” she says of the housing market, which has been so high and expensive that her property is worth about $200,000.

“You have people with millions in assets, but who are not living in their homes.

There are people living in condos in some places, but they are just sitting on their $1 million dollar [investment].

I’ve had a lot of homes in South Carolina that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

In the interview, she says that, in general, she does not live in a “one-bedroom apartment” because she likes to live in different places, and she has a house in Florida that she is building herself.

“I love my country, but if I was to leave this country I would never have to pay for anything, even a car,” she said.

But for her, there are other reasons why she is willing to sell: It’s not affordable to rent in the city.

It costs too much to rent a place like this, she said, adding that it is a luxury, but the rent is too expensive.

She is not a tenant, and her son has a business, and he is not willing to pay a tenant rate.

The only option is to live on the street.

If the housing crisis ends, the neighborhood would be devastated.

In her home, she has an antique painting by Van Gogh that depicts her son as a young boy.

The home is filled with books and furniture, and it is surrounded by trees.

I could buy a home for $150,000, she told Newsweek.

“I’m not going to take that on.”

She would consider renting out her home if she could afford to, but she also said she would consider selling.

While some people have taken to calling it a “real estate bubble,” she does consider it a bubble that could burst, she explained.

“When it does, you will see the people who were already rich and had all their wealth tied up and who were not investing.

It is a lot easier to invest money in stocks than it is to buy real estate.”

The market has been on the rise in the last year, as people have realized that, even though prices are high, it is not necessarily worth it to buy a house and live there.

There are people who have built their own houses and are putting them on the market, and they are selling their homes for $5,000 to $10,000 for a house that they bought in the past.

People are buying condos and they’re selling their houses.

They are all going to be millionaires.

You need a good quality of life in this economy, but I don.

I don�t want to live anywhere.

That�s my biggest concern.

Her house is worth $200-300,000 but she would have to sell it for $2.5 million.

Many of her friends are living in the same condo.

They say it is the right thing to do.

She says she is very grateful to the people in her neighborhood, who have always helped her and helped her get her life back on track.

And then, one day, she is going to move back home.

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