Why the Sacramento real estate market has taken a dive

Posted October 09, 2018 06:16:54 The Sacramento real property market has fallen by about 8% in the past year, according to data from the California Department of Finance and Securities.

The data showed that sales in the city of Sacramento dropped by almost 20% from a year ago.

Sales in the surrounding area dropped by about 16%.

The Sacramento-area real estate industry has been hit hard by the sharp decline in the price of oil, the decline in gas prices, and the lack of new construction.

Real estate is a vital component of many local economies.

The Sacramento area has one of the largest concentrations of oil fields in the nation, but it’s been hit particularly hard by low prices for oil.

The price of natural gas, which is also essential to many local jobs, has been dropping rapidly, and that has made it hard for local businesses to get a foot in the door. 

Real estate stocks and bonds are also in the crosshairs of the market.

There is some evidence that some of the stocks are now overvalued, according a report from Real Estate Investment Trust.

The decline in real estate prices has also hurt the local economies, as many of the businesses that have been able to grow in the Sacramento area have also seen their profits shrink.

The local economies are being forced to take on additional debt to pay for the lost income from oil, gas, and real estate sales. 

The Sacramento region has the fourth largest economy in the United States, and it has been experiencing a steady decline in sales for the past several years.

The region’s population is shrinking, and many of those who are leaving have relocated to cities across the country.

There are also some new arrivals in the area, and some of those new arrivals are finding it hard to make ends meet.

The median household income in the region is $37,000, which makes it one of California’s least affordable cities. 

A large number of the people who are moving are retirees who are working out of retirement. 

California’s state treasurer, John Chiang, has suggested that the Sacramento-Area Chamber of Commerce, which represents the city’s business owners, could be among the potential winners if the market recovers.

Chiang said he is hopeful that the city can recover from the downturn. 

For the Sacramento region, the outlook is good.

The state has been able at times to sustain economic growth and provide stability for its residents.

It also has a relatively robust economy, and its economic impact on the state is minimal.

But there is a lot of uncertainty.

The stock market is volatile, and people are concerned that things could go wrong in the market and it could get worse. 

As long as the market is healthy, it’s good for the economy, according Eric Johnson, a Sacramento realtor. 

I do think the market has potential to do well.

The market has been very good for our industry.

We have been seeing good growth and that’s something that the market should continue to do.

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