How to make the most of the latest new tech to help you get ahead

You don’t need to have been around the block to know that when it comes to technology, it’s not all that far from the way you use your phone to make calls or navigate the web.

The idea that it all comes down to your phone’s battery is something that has been around for years, and it’s no secret that many of us have our smartphones on us at all times.

But there’s one new feature that’s been introduced with the latest iPhones and iPads that could make the technology a bit more practical.

According to a new article by VentureBeat, Apple has introduced a new setting that lets you set a certain number of minutes per day you want to spend on battery-powered apps, even if that’s just in the background.

The feature is called “App Time.”

This is a new feature added to the app settings of iPhones and iPads.

You can use the time setting to set your own daily number of hours you want the apps to run.

The app will then tell you how many of those hours are left on the battery.

If you’re setting the app to run in the foreground or background, the number of apps that you can use per day is set to that amount.

In the article, Apple notes that you don’t have to have a battery that’s depleted in order to use this feature.

If your battery is completely dead, it’ll tell you that you should take it easy and keep an eye on your battery.

The feature is available in iOS 10.2 and above, but Apple says it’s coming to an iPhone and iPad before the end of the year.

Apple has also rolled out a new battery-saving mode in its new iOS 10 that is also new to the Apple Watch and iPod touch.

The new mode, called App Time, lets you choose when you want apps to stop working when you get home from work or when you’re away from home.

When you’re not using your phone or iPad, the battery will simply start charging when you turn on your device again.

If that’s the case, the apps will continue running but you’ll have to make sure they aren’t working if you need to access your email, watchlists, or other apps on the go.

While it’s possible that the new App Time feature could save you time when it’s necessary, the new feature is likely a more practical way to use your battery when you don’snt need to worry about how much battery you have left.

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