The most powerful people in real estate are using their real estate money to buy Twitter users

By Business Insider staff – 12/10/2017 08:48:46It’s not all about the money.

The most influential people in the real estate industry are also using their Twitter feeds to purchase followers.

That’s according to data from the Real Estate Forum (REF) and a new report published by real estate intelligence company RealTime, which has been tracking the social media marketing and acquisition activity of some of the world’s most influential real estate executives.

According to the report, the most influential executives on Twitter use their real-estate assets to purchase 140,000 followers each.

This represents a 75% increase over the number of followers they had during the same time period last year.

“The biggest increase was with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, CEO at Twitter, who were both buying followers with their real world assets,” said Nick Dyer, the chief operating officer of REF.

The REF data comes from a real estate analytics company called Re/code, which is based in San Francisco.

They also track the number and influence of Twitter users in real-world terms.

“They do a very good job of keeping track of that,” said Dyer.

“They’ve got these incredible tools and tools that are super-efficient at collecting data on real estate transactions, and we’re using them to create this great database of real estate data.”

Twitter has been able to gain a significant amount of popularity on Twitter.

It has a large audience of around a billion people, and has attracted billions of users since its launch in 2011.

It allows people to make real-time investments in real properties through real-money transactions.REF data shows that real estate marketing is very popular on Twitter, with real estate-focused executives buying followers at around $6.25 per follower.

That’s a 10% increase in a year, according to the REF report.

RealTime has found that real-life salespeople are also becoming a huge part of the real- estate market.

They’re buying real estate and investing in it with real-cash salespeople.

They also make their own real-marketplaces.

This is where you buy real estate using your real estate account.

And if you’re in a real-home market, they’re actually the first real-people in the room when you buy, as opposed to a broker or a realtor.

That means the real people buying your property are actually people who know you, and you know them,” said Rob Smith, chief executive of REI Real Estate.

Real Time found that the top real estate executive on Twitter is Dan Pfeiffer, president and CEO of the REP.

Pfeiffers accounts on Twitter have grown by a staggering 4,200 followers since last November, as he’s acquired new followers with each passing day.”

I like to say that his Twitter presence is like a real time market for the real world,” said Smith.”

He’s constantly buying real-sales on Twitter to keep his followers engaged.

His followers are now up by 50,000.

His profile picture is the star of the show.

“The most influential person on Twitter buying followers is Dan, the realtor who has acquired a whopping 14,800 followers, which makes him the most prolific real estate buyer on Twitter for the last year, REF said.

The real estate expert who has become the realest of real-tor owners is Jack Dorrie, CEO and founder of Twitter.

He’s bought a whopping 10,000 Twitter followers with the help of his real estate assets.

His followers have been so successful that Dorrie is now buying more real estate than the next seven most prolific Twitter account owners combined.”

Jack has really become one of the most important people on Twitter,” said REF co-founder and chief analyst Nick Dessler.”

His followers are up by 30,000 in the last month alone.

That number is absolutely astronomical.

That kind of engagement is just a testament to his strength on Twitter.

“The real-household leader on Twitter purchasing followers is Daniel, who bought 2,500 Twitter followers last month.

That makes him one of Twitter’s most prolific tween users.

He’s also the most powerful real estate owner on Twitter – and he’s getting his followers to buy his real-property.

Daniel has bought 1,200 Twitter followers, and his followers are purchasing his real real estate with a median buy price of $3.25 million.

The most prolific Tweets of the year are those of Jack Dorry, CEO Twitter, and Daniel Pfeffer, CEO REI.

They’ve both bought followers at about $4.50 per follower since last December.

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