How to use the FourFour Two app to get a quick fix of a real estate agent

Real Estate Trainers offers an extensive list of real estate agents, but what exactly is a real-estate trainer?

We’ve broken it down for you.


What is a Real Estate Trainer?

A Real Estate Training Service (RETS) is a full-service professional recruitment agency that takes its job seriously and does it well.

The job of a RETS agent is to get to know prospective buyers and sellers, find them suitable properties and sell them on to them.

They will help with the initial phone calls and also look into the property’s financials, including mortgage, taxes, insurance and property taxes.

They then look into potential buyers and sell their properties to them, and ultimately buy the properties.


What’s an RETS agency?

RETS stands for Realtor, Realtors Association, Real Estate Agents, and Reseller Training.

It is an organisation which recruits, trains and manages professionals who are interested in the rental and ownership of properties.

It also represents and advertises the real estate industry, including buying and selling.


What are RETS services?

RESTs services consist of: Finding potential buyers, selling properties, managing clients.

They also offer the services of: Tracing property history, appraising properties, contacting prospective buyers, conducting research and communicating with potential buyers.


What does a REST offer?

A REST will generally advertise the properties they are working on, and advertise a fee for each listing.

It will also set up an agent profile on a realtor.

The agent profile can be viewed by the realtor or the REST and can be reviewed by the RETS.


What happens after a sale?

The REST then will send a copy of the listing to the prospective buyer or the seller.

The seller will receive a notification from the RE ST, who will then look for a buyer and sell the property to them within two weeks.

If the seller is not found, they can then contact the RESTER.

They can also call the REster to schedule an appointment for the buyer to look at the property.


Is REST training really needed?

The reality is that REST is not required to train real estate professionals.

In fact, many REST services are offered free of charge.

However, REST trainers need to have a degree in a relevant field such as real estate management or marketing.

REST trainers are trained to work with real estate companies, and their training can be useful.

They are also able to provide additional advice and guidance, including on how to deal with potential disputes and disputes that arise from the use of their services.

RESTER training is available for anyone who is interested in being a RESTER trainer.

REster trainers can also be paid as part of their training. is a free, online and mobile-based service which provides real estate professional training.

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