Why the real estate market is so hard to predict, according to Christie’s

“This is a very tough market to predict.

The stock market has been up for two years now and the S&P 500 has been going up.”

But according to Chris McLeod, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics, the markets are starting to “move a little bit more aggressively”.

“I think you’re starting to see a bit of a tightening of that,” he said.

McLeod said the market is already starting to tighten, and is “trying to get closer to where the market wants to be”.

He added that the stock market is still the safest way to invest in real estate.

“You can’t be too confident that you can pick up a real estate property for a reasonable price and still be able to live there,” he explained.

However, McLeod warned investors against expecting a big increase in home prices.

He noted that the market has historically done well over the long term, and that this has been true for decades.

But, McLodles added, “the trend in home price appreciation is accelerating.”

McLodle said the median price of a home is now more than $800,000, and the median income is $80,000.

The median home price has gone up by almost $400,000 since 2009.

There are also signs that the housing market is starting to come back to normal.

Since the financial crisis, home prices have gone up around 8% a year, McTiernan noted.

Moody’s Analytics economist Chris McLellan said that while the market isn’t a bubble, there are signs of a correction.

“[The market is] not a bubble and it is not in any way sustainable,” he told Business Insider.

A number of analysts have warned that the Fed will hike rates this year if the economy continues to deteriorate.

At the same time, the US economy is expected to expand in the second half of this year, which would help boost the housing markets.

And McLeod added that it’s “very, very likely” that the US Federal Reserve will be able a rate hike in 2017.

In the meantime, investors will be looking to buy properties in the US, especially in places like California and Florida.

It’s still unclear what will happen to the market in 2017, but McLeod said it will likely be lower than it was in 2015.

If you’re looking to move to the US and want to find a property, McLeary said, “buyers are going to be looking at a lot of smaller homes and condos.”

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