What’s happening with the Pittsboro home that was the focus of a lawsuit?

The house in Pittsborough, Pennsylvania, was listed for sale in 2014 but never moved, until now.

In September, it was listed on the market for $2.5 million, but after a bidding war, the buyer offered $2 million more, according to a lawsuit filed in Harris County District Court in Pittsburgh.

That price was a huge offer for the home, and the buyer was willing to pay nearly twice the asking price.

In March, a court awarded the home $2,534,000 in back taxes and attorney fees.

The buyer, a woman in her early 30s, had been working for the same real estate firm for more than 10 years, the lawsuit states.

A local real estate agent contacted the buyer, who said she was considering moving to Pittsburgh, according a court filing.

The agent also asked the buyer if she had a job lined up, the court filing states.

In November, the woman was fired and told to move to Pittsville.

The real estate agents’ complaint stated that the woman had been on her own for the past few years, and that she had lived in Pittsburgh her whole life.

She also said that she was a member of the Pittsburghers Neighborhood Association and had been the vice president of their community association for a decade.

The lawsuit claims that the real estate agency didn’t offer the woman a job offer until after the woman said she wasn’t going to move, and they then gave her $2.,500 to move in.

The woman’s attorney, Mark Sallman, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that she has a history of being on the street and didn’t know she was owed back taxes, so she didn’t pay anything.

In the lawsuit, Sallmann said that the house was purchased for $1.2 million and was sold to a buyer in February of 2017 for $4.5.

The house was listed as being worth $4 million on the home’s listing.

The buyer told the agent she wanted to move back to Pittsburgh but was told to pay a $2-million penalty.

The agency said it did not give the buyer any additional information about the penalty and didn

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